BATES MOTEL Recap: “Ocean View”

I have to admit, I was having my doubts about Bates Motel, but "Ocean View" really turned things around. The town’s tangled web of fear and intimidation is starting to have its trickled-down repercussions for our main characters, and is setting up some interesting twists. One of the biggest questions was answered, too: can we believe what Norman sees? After the hallucination about his mother that lead him to Shelby’s hose, it’s been confusing whether what Norman sees is real or not. But in "Ocean View" it seems that, thanks to some corroboration from other characters, unless otherwise notified, Norman’s experiences are real. Which, in one case, is fairly terrifying. Hit the jump for why you should always ask yourself, "if I had an Asian sex slave, where would I keep her?" READ MORE...


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