42 Review

Football may currently be the most popular sport in America, but baseball will always be "America’s Pastime". It was our first widely popular sport, and it contained both the best of our abilities and the worst of our perceptions. Segregation in baseball was never official. It was an unwritten rule agreed upon by the owners and "enforced" by the commissioner. Baseball, in its rules, is a pure sport, but in its practice, was tainted by institutional racism. Jackie Robinson didn’t just break the color barrier in a sport; he completed the greatness of America’s Pastime. He is a transformative figure, and in 42, writer-director Brian Helgeland pays complete and utter devotion to Robinson’s legend. Strangely, despite his attempt to paint Robinson’s accomplishment as a mythic battle between good and evil, the story never feels larger than a TV movie. READ MORE...


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