'The Vampire Diaries' 'Pictures of You' prom recap: Have Stefan and Damon found the key to unlocking Elena's humanity?

It's prom night on "The Vampire Diaries," and everyone hates each other! Normally on TV, prom episodes tend to be all about romance. Which couples go together, who dances, etc. And usually, at the end, everybody realizes that the point of high school memories is friendship. Etc, etc, etc. But not on this show! Tonight's episode was mostly about destroying all romantic hopes and dreams, proving how isolated these characters have become, and reminding everyone of what they don't have.If there's anything that this episode drove home, though, it's that Elena really was the center of their little group. With her "gone," everyone's falling apart. Bonnie and Matt are hanging out by default. Stefan and Caroline are dreaming of life without Elena. Damon is reevaluating everything that's happened to him in the last six months. It's just kind of broken and sad.8:00 -- Kat Graham is pretty fantastic in this scene at Jeremy's grave. I...



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