Once Upon A Time Season 2: It’s Time To Say Goodbye To Storybrooke

At the end of the third season of Lost the entire status quo of the series was upset when the audience realized that the flashback featuring a drug-addled and desolate Jack Shephard was in fact a flashforward. The moment was a game changer and the narrative equivalent of a shot of adrenaline for a fantastic series that was beginning to run out of steam as it continued to rely on a storytelling device that had become tedious. Now barreling toward the end of its second season, Once Upon a Time, a series that is Lost‘s successor in spirit, if not always in quality, is standing at a similar crossroads. The writers can either cling to the town of Storybrooke and continue to churn out convoluted reasons for these magical people to stay in a mundane setting for a few more seasons, or they can set them free and give Once the one thing it has been in desperate need of this year: narrative momentum. READ MORE...


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