'Once Upon a Time's' Emilie de Ravin: Rumpel and Belle start the 'guard dropping down between them' in 'Lacey'

"Once Upon a Time" is back Sunday, April 21 to kick off its string of brand-new episodes leading up to the Season 2 finale. Star Emilie de Ravin teases for Zap2it what viewers can look forward to in "Lacey," when Belle is released from the hospital -- but it's not by Mr. Gold."When Mr. Gold walks in alive, that swells up a lot of emotions, in her actually seeing that he does really want to help and get her discharged," says de Ravin. "Unfortunately, we are intercepted by our lovely, friendly Regina, who is, as per usual, trying to mess up Gold's life."With Regina out for revenge against all those she blames for losing her mother, Belle is an obvious first target -- hit Mr. Gold where it hurts. And she does so by concocting a new persona for everyone's favorite librarian."Now I'm a blank slate, so she gives me a memory of this girl...



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