'Glee': Happy days are here again in 'Sweet Dreams'

Last week, "Glee" went dark with an episode that looked into the ongoing issue of school shootings in this country. But that was last week. "Sweet Dreams," the follow-up episode to "Shooting Star," moved past seriousness with lightning speed.Instead, we got flashbacks to "Don't Stop Believin'," the Harlem Shake, successful auditions and Will Schuester doing a cartwheel.We can all be excused for feeling a little whiplash here.But wait -- this was a good episode!Can a good episode of "Glee" also be a terrible one? "Sweet Dreams" seems to indicate that the answer is yes.As a standalone episode of the show, I have little to complain about in this episode. It was funny -- the absurdity of Sam's (Chord Overstreet) twin bit was especially entertaining. The episode also played well into the continuity of some of the plots, namely Rachel (Lea Michele) auditioning for "Funny Girl" and the season-long buildup to Regionals. We even got...



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