Nikita Review: Can't Save Everyone

Ever since Nikita season 3 left the Dirty Thirty behind and shifted the focus to Amanda's mission, it has been a non-stop, unpredictable emotional ride.

On "Broken Home," Division imploded from the mutiny, while the captive Nikita learned about Amanda's past through mind manipulation. Both were intense situations that ended in shocking and unexpected ways. While one happened in the past and the other in the present, both have far-reaching consequences.

Amanda's mission to get Nikita this season has been confusing at times, but that fits with her character. What is it that Amanda really wants? She says that she wants to teach both Nikita and Alex lessons, but it's becoming more clear that Amanda doesn't necessarily know her end game. At this point of her plan, she wanted Nikita to learn the truth about her past and a tragic one it was.

"You can't save everyone." was the theme of the hour and Nikita's lesson of the day. While re-living Amanda's past, Nikita was determined save Helen from her father's torture and experiments. Amanda also continually promised to save Helen, but year after year never followed through on the promise. She couldn't overcome her father's control. It all came to a tragic end when Helen killed her father and her sister. After years of torture, Helen could only save herself and with that the new Amanda was born.

Amanda (Helen) suffered at the hands of her father and ended up following in his footsteps by using the same techniques on Division recruits. As her father made her, she made Nikita, who made Alex. Amanda's understanding of how the three of them are connected finally makes sense, while perhaps deluded. Now that Nikita knows the truth, will that alter her opinion of Amanda? Will she want to save her or kill her?



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