The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 3 Recap: Devils Don’t Regret

Andy Cohen referred to this episode as the “explosive conclusion,” but it felt more like a candle wick finally drowning in a pool of its own wax.

In Kim’s shellac-scented wake, Andy was kind of incredulous that all of the participants took it easy on her. I could tell by the waxy sheen coating his eyeballs that he really needed a good setup for the Real Housewives of the MMA season premiere that is surely coming down the pipeline, and was hoping for a good wig-pulling slap fight, but NeNe chirped up to remind him that she has told Kim on dozens of occasions that she cannot stand her, and they have recently exchanged text messages wishing each other well. If you follow NeNe on Twitter, you know that they are friends again, or at least resigned to keeping it civil so Kim can deflect the hatred and gain some viewers for her Don’t Be Tardy series.



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