Ice Cream Girls Series 1 Episode 1 (ITV) Review

Obviously keen to replicate the huge success ITV have had with Broadchurch this year, Ice Cream Girls has come along to fill in the crime-thriller gap that the better, more intriguing series will leave when it finishes this week. Ice Cream Girls might be entertaining fluff designed to appeal to the same audience Dorothy Koomson’s 2010 bestseller did, but it’s not going to change the face of television. The three-part series focuses on two women, Serena and Poppy, who share a dark past and both come back to their childhood homes in the same week (quite the coincidence, eh?). Poppy has just been released from prison after taking the fall for a murder that she and Serena where involved in, while Serena has used her freedom, deserved or not, to build a life, marry a doctor and start a family. We aren’t told who stabbed the lecherous teacher who had been abusing them both, but we can assume that neither is entirely innocent. READ MORE...


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