Doctor Who Season 7 “Hide” Review

After the recent onslaught of blockbuster inspired Doctor Who episodes, it was somewhat refreshing to take things a little slower in this week’s episode. "Hide" retained that very cinematic approach to the episode, but this relatively straightforward ghost hunt turned monster romance, didn’t seem to be in the same kind of rush to get all the details in. The slower pacing lent itself well to the suspense-building necessary for a spooky, supernatural story. Ghosts and hauntings in Doctor Who stories are more often than not, rooted in science fiction or dimensional anomalies, than rooted in the idea of departed souls lurking around the living. I was waiting for The Doctor to give us one of his timey-wimey explanations for what was going on in this "haunted house." Before The Doctor figured out that this "ghost" was actually a time traveler trapped in a pocket universe, it actually seemed like this might be a rare case of a demonic alien haunting or something like it. READ MORE...


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