Vikings Season 1 Review “Sacrifice”

Normally, I like to wax philosophical about the themes of each week’s Vikings episode. This week, too much hit the fan and we don’t have time for that. Let’s dig in to what made this the best episode to date. Ragnar’s fall. I have been forecasting that Ragnar is going to get knocked down a peg because of his persistent arrogance. He is on a downward spiral, but not in the way that I anticipated. In general, things are going well for Ragnar. As Earl, he now has a budding relationship with King Horik, which may lead to bigger and better glory. Granted, he had a setback because of the loss of his son. But, on the whole, Ragnar is still looking west in hopes of conquering more lands and bringing back more gold. I see his fall in a different way. READ MORE...


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