The Good Wife Season 4 Review “A More Perfect Union”

A few thoughts about "A More Perfect Union": The case of the week was literally thrust upon Alicia by her mother. Veronica called Alicia to attend a funeral for a friend of a friend, and apparently she informed some of the deceased’s friends that Alicia would represent them in a contract issue. No nevermind that she didn’t tell Alicia any of this. What was supposed to be a little favor for her mother turned into a much larger problem for the firm and also led to dealing with an attorney even more manipulative and unethical than Louis Canning. Alicia’s clients were programmers for a software company, and the company was pressuring them to sign extremely unreasonable contracts. Apparently, their friend died as a direct result of the unreasonable working conditions the company imposed on them, and the company wanted to prevent them from being able to sue. While Alicia and Cary were trying to negotiate better contract terms for the programmers, the company went ahead and fired them anyway. Alicia felt bad that she’d gotten them all fired but she was more angry about the slimy behavior of the company’s lawyer Nancy Crozier. Nancy was a liar and a manipulator, and she played quite dirty. Cary and Alicia told the programmers that their only chance was to convince the ALJ that they were in the process of forming a union before they were fired. That way, their actions were protected under labor laws. Things hit a snag when the company bought off the widow who started everything. She took the company payoff and effectively sabotaged the other programmers chances. Ultimately, Cary and Alicia were able to prevail for their clients, but it was all for naught. The company was bought out and the workers all lost their jobs anyway. READ MORE...


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