Broadchurch Series 1 Episode 8 (ITV) Review

There will be those who grumble about this final episode of Broadchurch and the reveal that so many of us had already figured out but, by the end of the hour, I realised that the eight hours I had spent in the company of Hardy and Miller hadn’t really been about catching Danny’s killer. Broadchurch was a special kind of show that moved beyond its genre while still staunchly obeying all of its rules – it was about the effects of tragedy on a small town, and our individual reactions to it. It was also really, really entertaining. Just some 15-minutes into the episode, Joe Miller was revealed to be Danny’s killer and, after a short ad-break, we saw exactly why and how. This is where I felt a little let down, with Joe’s reasons for murdering his neighbours son not quite ringing true for me. The fact that Hardy had been such a good detective meant that all of the evidence collected was exactly what it seemed (with the exception of witnesses mistaking family-man Joe for creepy Nige), and the second part of the episode was an exercise in telling us what we already knew. READ MORE...


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