The Following Season 1 Review “The End is Near”

One of the biggest problems facing people with high-minded goals is the idea that they won’t meet those goals. Once you set out with the best of intentions, it’s difficult to accept a losing hand. Even more difficult still is to embrace your station instead of bemoan your inability to reach that higher station. Dating back to winter press tour, Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly was front and center about the ability of his new show, The Following, to recreate the prestige drama inside of a broadcast network. Since the prestige drama became a cable possession somewhere in the late 2000s, many people have been waiting to see broadcast network’s answer to cable’s onslaught. Kevin Reilly told us The Following could be the answer we were looking for. Reilly gave it the hard sell, but it’s something you have to do. Everyone involved started with the highest of goals. Unfortunately, somewhere between the stupid decisions, the plot holes I could drive a city bus through sideways, the overacting, the bad acting, and everything else in between, The Following failed to become the show Fox meant for it to be. READ MORE...


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