Bones Season 8 Review “The Pathos In The Pathogens” – Can the Team Save One of Their Own?

In this episode of Bones, called "The Pathos In The Pathogens," the team finds a body infected with a deadly virus. Figuring out what caused it and how to cure it becomes even more important when someone on the team is infected. Okay, so I knew all along that Arastoo was going to be the one infected in this episode and I was highly anticipating some amazing moments between him and Cam. And boy did we get those, and then some. Cam’s not exactly cold and heartless, but she is very matter-of-fact in her job and I’ve loved how we’ve seen her softer side because of Arastoo. Well, when he got sick we got to see a whole other side of her as well. Cam crying as she told Arastoo about all the things that they were going to do together in the fall was one of my favorite scenes ever. As hard as it was to watch, I also loved when she pleaded for his life. It’s just not something you would expect for her and yet it showed that she would do anything to save the man she loved. READ MORE...


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