Bates Motel Season 1 Review “The Truth”

We’re officially in the back half of our first season of Bates Motel with tonight’s pivotal episode "The Truth". With only ten episodes to air, and tonight being our sixth, we’re now ramping steadily up to the end game here. With an episode like tonight’s being packed chock-full with crazy plot twists and huge revelations, I can’t believe we’ll have four more episodes to fill! I think I’m really liking the ten episode season idea; Every episode is totally worth watching! We started tonight’s episode right where the last episode ended, with Norma having just found out that Shelby was indeed responsible for kidnapping and supposedly raping Jiao, the young Chinese girl from Norman’s diary. I really loved everything here, as Norma completely manipulated and lied to Emma, telling her that she’ll indeed go to the FBI and report Shelby. Seeing Norma flatter and embrace Emma, even while she clearly doesn’t mean any of it, is both sad and a little cool at the same time. READ MORE...


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