'Castle' recap: Is the Caskett relationship doomed after 'The Squab and the Quail'?

Are Castle and Beckett doomed already? Considering the tension that continued throughout the most recent "Castle" episode, "The Squab and the Quail," it's a reasonable question. If nothing else, the relationship is certain to change -- and soon.In the meantime, there's always murder!Why it's important for the waiter to get the order right ..."The Squab and the Quail" begins with those two entrees, along with a couple of salmon dinners. Unfortunately for the poor rich man who takes a bite of his squab, dinner means death. The victim keels over within seconds.Unfortunately for everyone -- but especially for the victim -- the squab was actually quail. And that quail had been intended for one Erik Vaughn (guest star Ioan Gruffudd), a billionaire inventor and philanthropist and all-around good guy that somebody wanted to kill.The poison just found someone else.In which we come close to Beckett committing murder.An almost-as-tragic scene is meanwhile occurring at the...



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