'Bones' review: Increased horror and heartbreak from invisible killers in 'The Pathos in the Pathogen'

Yuck.Sure, there was only a little bit of blood and gore in "The Pathos in the Pathogen," but it was still one of the more terrifying episodes of "Bones" in recent memory. It was especially rough on a young man named Arastoo Vaziri (Pej Vahdat).The case of the week deals with a young female blogger who was killed by an exotic illness and then decomposed into a bone-laden soup. Unfortunately, Vaziri gets a poke from a broken needle and quickly starts falling prey to the same horrifying disease. It turns out that corporate greed and unethical biologists are behind the whole thing.All of this is pretty rotten for Cam. Unknown pathogens and Cam's relationships don't go well togetherBack in Season 2, shortly after Tamara Taylor joined the "Bones" cast as Dr. Camille Saroyan, a serial killer planted a booby trap that blew up in Cam's face. She almost died. What does that have to...



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