5 Shocking Moments From 'Bates Motel': Who Killed Norman's Father?

Since its premiere, every episode of Bates Motel has managed to expose some new mentally unstable or unsavory character. If it isn't a character shocking the audience, it is some mysterious discovery, violent act or shocking secret. Last night's episode, "The Truth," had Norma, Dylan, Norman and Deputy Shelby letting their freak flags fly high. In addition to seeing who could behave the craziest, nobody had much luck in keeping their deepest and darkest secrets hidden safely away. Here are a few of last night's biggest revelations and how they are bound to affect the direction of the show.

5) Dylan gets away with murder. After breaking the news to his boss about Ethan's death, Dylan confesses to running over Ethan's killer. Not only is the man, Gil (Vincent Gale), impressed with Dylan's initiative, he gives him detailed instructions on how to cover his tracks. Dylan's growing involvement with the seedier residents of the town is bound to mean trouble not only for him but for him mother and Norman as well. 



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