MAD MEN Recap: “To Have and to Hold”

As many have pointed out, a great deal of Mad Men revolves around assholes doing mean things. That does create drama, so who can fault in that formula? The problem is that we’re six seasons in to this series now, and there are ways in which character development has paid off tremendously, even if it’s sad (i.e. almost everything) and some extraordinarily frustrating ways it hasn’t (um, Don). I know it’s Matthew Weiner‘s "thing" to not have people grow or change because people really don’t grow and change significantly in the real world, but what value is this to us viewers, six years into things? Look, "To Have And To Hold" was pretty great, possibly even the best episode this season so far … save for Don. It revolved around a pretty centrally important theme of "what’s missing?" (besides my interest any more in Don). Love, career, peace … maybe the answer to all things is at the bottom of a ketchup bottle. Hit the jump to find out. READ MORE...


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