First Image from the Final Eight Episodes of BREAKING BAD

The first visual evidence from the second half of Breaking Bad’s fifth and final season has found its way to the interweb. And like Walter White’s impossibly pure stimulant, it’s quite blue (y’know, tonally) and will only make you yearn for more of its sweet embrace until your friends and family are all like, "Just shut the hell up about Breaking Bad already. We get it, it’s awesome; everybody knows now." But anyway, back to the picture. The scene takes place in the casa de Pinkman, where young master Jesse (Aaron Paul) is visibly shaken. On the couch beside him is his former meth-making partner/life-ruiner Walter White (plus what appears to be that giant sac of money he gave to Jesse in the last episode). It seems as though Walter is trying to talk Jesse down and/or convince him to do something horrible for the greater good of Walter White — an increasingly common occurrence in a relationship that, in the first half of Season 5 (which aired last summer), lost virtually all of its lighter, Laurel-and-Hardy aspects as Walt’s baser impulses ate away those last little bits of his soul. Hit the jump to check out the pic. READ MORE...


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