NCIS Season 10 Review “Berlin” – What Will Happen to Them Now?

In this episode of NCIS, called "Berlin," Tony and Ziva head off on their quest to locate Bodnar, while Gibbs and McGee deal with a visit from the new Mossad Director. Okay, first up, I just have to say that the writing team at NCIS is fantastic. Not just for all the standard reasons, such as they write such great characters and know how to leave us in suspense and all that other good stuff. No, I want to tip my hats to them for specifically being able to give us the great Tony and Ziva moments that we got in this episode without making those moments scream "Tiva" to me. Now, I know all you Tiva-lovers are going to claim that we saw signs of true love there, but as a wholehearted non-Tiva person I’m going to say that I saw nothing but two people who were close friends and nothing more. Holler at me if you want, but my point here is not to argue. It’s just to say that I admire writers who can make both sets of the fandom happy. You guys saw what you wanted and I saw what I wanted. What could be better than that? READ MORE...


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