Awkward Season 3 Review “A Little Less Conversation”

Last week’s opening double-bill of MTV’s Awkward felt a little off for long-time fans of the comedy, but this week’s third installment, ‘A Little Less Conversation’ felt a lot more familiar. Of course, some of that familiarity stemmed from repeated storylines, but those plots actually led our characters to grow, rather than regress. Jenna and Matty are not okay after her confession to Jake about the pregnancy scare last week. He’s hurt that she would tell her ex-boyfriend such a personal secret before him, and she’s confused that he would be mad after spending the bulk of their relationship making out rather than talking. Now he wants to talk, however, and Jenna is ready to do whatever it takes to avoid a confrontation. I really enjoyed this stage of their relationship just because it felt very true to the characters, and their individual emotional limitations, and I found myself liking Matty a heck of a lot more after he finally opened up. READ MORE...


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