Revolution Season 1: Is Miles Ready To Be A General Again?

At the end of "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia," the President of the Georgia Confederation handed Miles Matheson an army. There is an excellent chance that this was a terrible idea. When we first met Miles he was presented as the archetypical rogue. He was a loner who was good with a quip and even better with a blade, and let’s be real here, if you put a character that can be described as a snarky cowboy/samurai in front of an audience, they’re going to fall for the guy. So we can all be forgiven for buying into the idea that Miles was the hero of our story, even though whether we love her, hate her, or simply tolerate her, that distinction belongs to Charlie. The truth about who Miles really is started to become clear the moment we first caught a whiff of his bloody backstory. READ MORE...


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