Hemlock Grove Review - Drinking the Hemlock Tea

Hemlock Grove is like a literary "Fragment" story in that we are plunged disconcertingly into the middle of a drama. We don’t know the history of this town, its people, their backgrounds and their relationships with each other. Like many a horror/Gothic tale, we are thrown into the beautiful disorder and left to figure things out for ourselves. Maybe this is why we are not meant to be surprised at how casually people accept odd situations. No one seems alarmed when Dr. Chasseur (Kandyse McClure) point-blank asks Peter (Landon Liboiron) if he is a werewolf, nor raises an eyebrow at 17-year old virgins becoming impregnated by angels, or teenage boys transforming into predatory wolves in broad daylight. Flashbacks and layering of some detail is given, yes, but for major plot points, generally speaking, we have to piece it together on our own. In my case, for example, I am still not clear on why Peter (the wolf) showed Roman (Bill Skarsgård) his secret. READ MORE...


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