One of the longest-standing questions in the Heroes 'verse: HRG, hero or villain? Tonight's episode 'Cold Wars' appears to offer some answers, but how much will be revealed?

HRG aka Noah Bennet is Heroes' perpetual mystery man. We never know from episode to episode who he's really working for, what he's really up to, or what he's capable of. Jack Coleman has proved to be one of the show's premiere talents, able to portray both ruthless assassin and dedicated father with enormous depth. Coleman has grasp of his character's inner workings, but the audience is considerably less well-informed.

Matt Parkman's telepathic abilities will give everyone a rare look into the history and workings of HRG, but how much will we really learn? This character has been so deeply embedded in gray areas for the entirety of the show thus far, it seems unlikely that any certainties will be revealed tonight. I'm hoping for a look at his company training (possibly w/ cameos from now-deceased characters like Eric Roberts' Thompson or George Takei's Kaito Nakamura?), and perhaps some of his earlier life.

Whatever happens, the anticipation is KILLING me.


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Feb 23, 2009 9:23PM EST

It would be cool if Hiro got his powers back and traveled back in time again. That way perhaps we can see what we've missed from these people's stories. And perhaps he can reveal what will become of all of this Hero vs Villain ordeal. Who knows....

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