Awkward 3.03 Recap: Avoiding 'The Talk'

Jenna went to great lengths to avoid having "the talk" with Matty in this week's Awkward, until she realized that nothing could stop it from happening, especially if she wanted to save their relationship. Blatant Actions. It's been a week since Matty found out about the pregnancy scare, but he's physically distant with Jenna. She tries everything she can to restore intimacy between them and blatantly comes on to him under the bleachers, but he stops her. Instead, he wants to get together that night so they can "talk", but she's just freaking out. Meanwhile, Ming is weirdly into her new boyfriend, Henry, and she's catching the eye of the Asian Mafia, including Becca, who grills her about Henry trivia. Ming passes with flying colors, but Becca remains suspicious. READ MORE...


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