Bones: Emily Deschanel Teases the Dramatic (and Romantic?) Season Finale

There are two very important things you need to know about the season 8 finale of Bones: First, Pelant returns. Second, Brennan might be taking a big step in her relationship with Booth as a result of Pelant’s return. We recently participated in a call with star Emily Deschanel, who teased next week’s dramatic finale and what’s in store for Booth and Brennan. A New Target. In the past, Pelant has set his sights on Brennan and Hodgins. But this time around, he’ll have Booth in his cross-hairs. The body that the Jeffersonian team and the FBI discovers in the episode was a victim known to Booth and the entire Pelant situation now is hitting very close to home for the FBI, and for Booth in particular. Emily says it’s "terrifying to Brennan, [when she] realizes that Booth is in danger". Pelant hasn’t hurt anyone on the team physically, but he’s "kicking it up a notch in this episode. You’ll see how he affects their lives." The episode really focuses on Pelant targeting the FBI, but since the Jeffersonian is so close to the FBI, they’re working feverishly to help solve the case, find Pelant, and stop him from doing whatever he hopes to accomplish. Emily reminded us that Pelant has always had a hidden agenda. "He’s not just killing some person at random. There’s a reason he’s chosen the victim he’s chosen and there’s a reason he’s killed him in the way he has". Pelant also makes a point to really affect Sweets in the finale as well, taking information he knows about Sweets and toying with him. But perhaps the most dangerous part is that "Pelant, in this instance, may be involving other people in his plot", so the FBI and the Jeffersonian are investigating the possibility that he has outside help. READ MORE...


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