Lost Girl 3.13 Recap: Those Who Wander

Quick Recap: Our last new episode of Lost Girl ended with Dyson, Lauren and Bo’s Mother all captives of Lauren’s maniacal boss. Meanwhile Trick had been kidnapped and Kenzi was about to be taken into custody as an enemy of the "One True State". This episode starts off almost immediately after the last episode. Outside Taft’s compound Bo cannot revive Tamsin from her gunshot so she takes her back to the loft. With the help of a few Fae, they get the bullet out of Tamsin and she comes too. Tamsin is nearing the end of her lifecycle though and is getting weaker and weaker. Bo is glad she is alive but she doesn’t have time for chit chat, she needs to rescue Dyson. Tamsin suggests they find the Druid dealer to get juiced up before attempting to rescue anyone. READ MORE...


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