The Vampire Diaries 4.19 "Pictures of You" Review

As is tradition in Mystic Falls there can't be a big event without someone getting staked or their neck bitten and Senior Prom is no different on The Vampire Diaries. What does make this event unlike the many that have come before it is that Elena is the one doing the biting. Elena demonstrated just how much she doesn't want the cure in the last episode when she killed a waitress and threatened to kill many more if Damon and Stefan continued with their "fix Elena" quest. This hasn't deterred the pair, instead they are trying to think of a subtle way to flick Elena's humanity switch and prom is the destination for plan A. The theme of this dance is "Pictures of You" and so digital photo frames display a variety of memories from happier times; Stefan and Elena, Elena and Matt in a photo that was taken by Elena's mother and of course Jeremy. These memories and Stefan's attempts to reignite Elena's feelings through dance and touch do nothing but annoy Elena and it's only when Elena's life is in danger that Damon realizes how they can bring her back. Fear is key and so they plan on making her life a living hell; this involves being drugged and thrown in the Salvatore dungeon (this place is the official rehab center of Mystic Falls). READ MORE...


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