'Survivor: Caramoan': Malcolm makes an interesting move at the Survivor Auction

Can the Three Amigos pull off another crazy week on "Survivor: Caramoan"? Let's find out!MadelineAfter Tribal, nobody seems too upset about Phillip's ouster. Yeah, we can't imagine we'd cry too much over that one. But can the Three Amigos keep shaking things up? It'll be interesting to see what Erik does, since he flipped and nobody knows. Erik enjoys being the swing vote, but as has been demonstrated before -- Erik is not exactly a master strategist in this game, so it remains to be seen if he actually works this to his advantage.Meanwhile, Cochran is pretty pumped to have been part of such a crazy Tribal Council. Yeah, we would be too. The "Survivor" fans in us would completely lose our minds. Speaking of losing one's mind, Brenda is freaking out a little bit about what this means for the Favorites alliance. Man, Brenda has been really MIA until just very recently and now...



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