Arrow Season 1 Review “Home Invasion”

Breaking up is hard to do, and Arrow squeezed in not one, but two painful breakups into this week’s episode "Home Invasion." I sort of anticipated that Tommy and Laurel’s breakup would come before the end of this season, but Ollie and Digg’s breakup caught me by surprise. Normally, Digg is the character I enjoy the most on Arrow, but I didn’t like the version of Digg that we saw tonight. It had little to do with his breakup with Ollie – in fact, I think Digg did the right thing to walk out on Ollie after everything that went down. Up until this point in the season, I had loved Digg for his genuinely heroic attitude. Digg had been the clear-headed counter to Ollie’s sometimes murky idea of justice. In his previous conversations with Ollie, Digg seemed to be truly motivated by justice, and as much as I can understand Digg’s desire for revenge against Lawton/Deadshot, I was disappointed to hear him tell Ollie that he wanted to see Lawton dead and not arrested. When Digg and Ollie first partnered up, I had hoped that Digg would be the character that would save Ollie from his darkness and enable him to become a true hero, but perhaps Ollie had more of a negative impact on Digg than I anticipated. READ MORE...


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