American Idol Recap - The Top Four Perform

This week the Top Four tried to impress us with "One Hit Wonders" and songs of their choice. Who rocked it and who deserves to go home this week? Personal Choice Round: Amber opens the show with the "Power of Love," by Celine Dion. She starts acoustic and standing in this beautiful pink light. Her hair is spectacular. I think that this song was maybe not the best choice. She sounds great singing it, but it’s SO iconic she just can’t compare. The judges all disagree with me and think it was the perfect song. Randy praises Amber’s growth. I say: good, but uninspired. B+ Candice is up next. She’s chosen to sing "Find Your Love," by Drake and thank goodness for that. I love Candice for her willingness to be creative. She’s so great as always. The runs she adds are so interesting. If Candice isn’t in the final two it is a serious injustice. Nicki wishes Candice would have stuck to the melody of the song. Randy echoes Nicki’s comments. Ugh, these judges. B+ READ MORE...


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