Community Season 4 Review “Basic Human Anatomy”

Things got freaky in tonight’s great episode of Community "Basic Human Anatomy", as three members of our cast switch bodies, and investigate their feelings for each other at the same time. This season has definitely had its up and downs with me, but tonight’s installment was by far my favorite of the season. Tonight’s episode was written by Dean Pelton himself, Jim Rash, who lends his Academy Award winning writing skills to craft together an episode that had a lot of heart and even more laughs. The idea of a Freaky Friday situation is so simple, and as soon as Troy and Abed switched bodies I was surprised we hadn’t seen anything like this. Season three’s "Virtual Systems Analysis", the episode that took us into the Dreamatorium, was probably the closest we got as we saw Abed act out the other characters. However, that didn’t even hold a candle to Danny and Donald’s stellar work tonight. READ MORE...


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