Parks and Recreation Season 5 Review “Swing Vote”

Parks and Recreation probably has the highest batting average of any network comedy, but it’s tough to know what to make of tonight’s episode. The episode had several funny bits, but it never reached that higher level we’re used to getting from your typical Parks episode. The A story certainly started out promising. Leslie vs. Ron is always a welcome sight, but the show normally does a good job of balancing the opinions of the two colleagues. In tonight’s episode, Leslie comes off as purely manic. This wasn’t her dogged determination at work, it was simply her being petulant. Amy Poehler is a comedy whirlwind who plays petulant rather well, but it typically doesn’t make Leslie seem a spoiled child. Definitely not her best look. That being said, the scene where her and Ron share a drink at the end of the episode was a really nice moment. Ron has many looks for Leslie depending on the episode. While he’s an opponent for the vast majority of the episode, his stoicism and reflective words at the end put him in full Yoda mode. Unlike Leslie’s stomping around, Ron code of honor makes him sound like a reasonable adult who is willing to debate the merits of his positions instead of running over the opinions of others. So often we laugh at the moments where Ron seems like a superhero, but it’s these quieter moments that make him a transcendent character. Nick Offerman did some exceptional work in this episode. READ MORE...


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