Lost 6.11 Review: Happily Ever Where, Brotha?

Desmond Hume is back on the island against his will, but his reappearance looks set to benefit everyone, especially us viewers. Last night's Lost episode might be the most significant one of the season yet because it finally got around to doing something I had been expecting for awhile; it connected the island reality with the sideways universe. And, as suspected, it did it using Desmond.

The episode opened up with Charles Widmore trying to explain to Desmond why he's been brought back and that he's important to everyone's survival. Widmore even tries telling him that 'the island isn't done with you yet', to which he gets a furious beating with an IV for his troubles.

Read the full Lost Season 6 Episode 11 recap here.


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Dec 2, 2015 12:45PM EST

I'm betting Des went with Sayid because it will further whatever plot/scheme that he seems to have figured out.
He does seem to have had a revelation after all.
Loved the episode. Easily the best of the season. Desmond episodes always deliver.

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