Scandal Season 2 Review “Seven Fifty-Two”

Scandal came back from a three-week hiatus with one of the most emotionally powerful episodes of the season. Possibly the series. And that is saying something for a show that regularly provides emotional gut-punches. I honestly don’t really know how to begin, but I’ll give it a shot. A few thoughts about "Seven Fifty-Two": This episode took on a different format than most. The case of the week was the Gladiators saving one of their own. This episode picks up pretty much right where the last one left off. At the opening, Huck was still huddled in the corner of his office, rocking back and forth. Suddenly he started murmuring the phrase "seven fifty-two" over and over again. No one knew what it meant and with Olivia being MIA, no one really knew what to do. Harrison was finally able to track down Olivia at the hospital (although he didn’t get in to see her) and she told him that they all needed to talk to Huck so he could bring himself back from whatever dark emotional hole he’d fallen into. So, one at a time Quinn, Abby, and Harrison attempted to talk Huck back into the light. READ MORE...


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