HANNIBAL Episode Recap: “œuf” and “Coquilles”

First of all, if you haven’t watched the clips from Hannibal‘s unaired fourth episode "œuf" do so now because I am going to talk about it along with "Coquilles." What I found so interesting about NBC’s "cannibalized" version (their pun!) of that controversial fourth episode is that by eliminating the Case of the Week, Hannibal turned into a really beautifully meditative character study. It didn’t flow particularly smoothly (what a surprise since it was chopped up), but at the same time it was really hypnotic. With all of the therapy sessions, it kind of reminded me of HBO’s In Treatment, plus hallucinations and eating humans. While I also enjoyed "Coquilles," the Case of the Week, which I thought was pretty weak, distracted from the better character moments. Hit the jump for why I’m so excited I figured out what to do with that œ character … READ MORE...


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Apr 27, 2013 5:40AM EDT

Could someone point me in the direction of webisodes I can watch in the UK, as we too appear too easily upset by fiction. (Midwitch Cuckoos anyone for a similar plotline). All the links appear to be to the NBC site and they're not available here - so we're even too pathetically squeamish to see the webisodes, let alone the episode.

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