Big Brother 10 - Episode 8 - Recap

Big Brother 10: Tonight is the veto competition and Keesha's nomination (Angie and Jessie) has the whole house pissed. Will Keesha's nominations stay the same? I hope someone is vetoed to make room for Libra, but we will see.

While all the drama is going on with Keesha, Jjerry is in the backyard with Dan. Jerry expresses to Dan his worries about Memphis. He believes that Memphis is on his way to winning the game.

In an effort to save himself Jessie convinces Keesha that Libra is manipulating everything. Jessie has a great strategy and I think it may help him in the long run. Keesha was already wanting Libra home and after her emotional chat with Jessie I feel it is a sure thing if someone were to be vetoed.

Ok, it is time for the veto competition. As always it is HOH (Keesha), the two nominees (Jessie and Angie), and three randomly choosen house guests (Ollie, Libra, and Memphis). This is a very important veto competition seeing as how Keesha wants to hold the power.

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