'Mad Men' Season 6 episode 5 recap 'The Flood': Ranking Bobby, Don, Peggy and more on the happiness index

"Mad Men" has taken more than its fair share of shots so far this season for not being quite up to par -- and chances are you either agree with the complaints, or view them as a depressingly familiar early-season refrain from impatient critics. Either way, to these eyes "The Flood" was the first truly underwhelming episode of Season 6. "Mad Men" tends to avoid putting major historical events at the forefront of its storylines, but just as the JFK assassination dominated Season 3's "The Grown-Ups," the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. loomed large over much of "The Flood," and neither the characters nor the show seemed to know quite how to deal with it. But even lesser episodes of "Mad Men" still deliver great moments -- often supplied by characters we don't see a lot of, as was the case with Ginsberg and Bobby Draper this week.[Note: In the spirit of showrunner Matthew...



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