Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington on Jon Snow’s Wet-and-Wild Moment

To become a brother of the Night's Watch, Jon Snow swore an oath that included a vow of celibacy; now, in order to prove he's no longer a crow and show that he's on the side of the wildlings beyond the Wall, he has to forsake those vows. The best way to do that, other than giving up crucial defense info? Have sex with Ygritte. "We shouldn't," he tells her. "We should," she insists. And so in last night's episode, in one of the more romantic sex scenes on Game of Thrones thus far (cue the waterfall), Jon Snow finally loses his virginity. (Remember, as Jon once told Sam, he nearly did it with the prostitute Ros, until he thought better of potentially fathering a bastard child). Kit Harington, who plays Snow, chatted with Vulture about magic, his "cursed hair," and his long-awaited sex scene.



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