'Defiance' - 'The Devil in the Dark': Irisa is 'touched' with the sight

This week's "Defiance" nicely married a solid Mystery of the Week with alien mythology and while we don't think the show needs a "mystery" every week, per se, it will probably be a regular plot device with main characters Nolan and Irisa working as the town's lawkeepers. This week was a good one.This week, Irathient spirit riders take center stage, as one of them is setting hellbugs upon the people of Defiance. But not just people at random. Rynn, the woman responsible for the attacks, is waging war on the people responsible for the murder of her parents. In helping investigate the hellbug attacks, we learn that Irisa is "touched" with the ability to have visions. It was interesting to see her be drawn to the large Irathient man and at the same time, be angry with Nolan for making her afraid of being Irathient. He probably forgets sometimes that she's not human. Theirs is...



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