'Castle' recap and quotes: After 'Still,' who do you think fell first?

Other than the whole bomb thing, this "Castle" episode was almost entirely about the history of Castle and Beckett in their odd, entertaining relationship. That works well in "Still" -- after all, what better way to have a clip show than to watch a life flash before someone's eyes?By the end of the episode, we may not know for sure which of the two fell first. But we do know they've fallen now.Watch where you step ...While checking out the apartment of a suspected bomber (who has already killed a few people), Beckett (Stana Katic) accidentally steps on a pressure bomb. She's stuck. Fortunately (?) for her, she has Castle (Nathan Fillion) sticking close by her side throughout the explosive ordeal.How do they pass the time? With banter, of course. This is "Castle." Banter is always the first choice. In this particular episode, the banter turns to the question of which person fell first...



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