The Following Recap: Ineptitude Held Sway Over All

Given that this is the finale, we naturally start with our main character, Tech Lady, hot on the trail of her newest lead. It took her all season, but she finally found a friend with an iPhone who's agreed to share her Vine feed. She calls the friend on Skype and suggests user names for her to type in, “Fat Cats! Fat Cats Wearing Hats! Fat Drunk Babies! Parking Lot Surveillance Footage!” That last one works, and the friend holds her iPhone up the screen so Tech Lady can watch. It’s a video of Parker being put in the trunk of a car by two followers. “Oh, snap,” says Hardy. “That sucks. But real quick, go back to the video of the guy holding a photo of himself holding a photo. I want to watch that one again. And then after that, let’s watch every video on here. How long will that take?” “A month,” says Tech Lady. “Cool,” says Hardy. “We have time, then.”



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