Top Ten Worst Films of 2009 - Featured

The good news about 2009 was that it wasn't as horrendous as some previous years. In fact, when the good films came to us, they were often truly great pieces of work sprinkled with decent efforts in between. Then of course you had those nuggets of crap that would get through the grinder and remind us that bad movies and filmmaking unfortunately still exists. It seemed for every two Hurt Lockers or Inglourious Basterds there was a Post-Grad or Year One that followed it. Or maybe this year, with all it's great films, made the dookie stink even more than we're used to. Instead of posting on my Twitter page ninety times a day about how much I don't like these films, I'm going to take this opportunity to present the Ten Worst Films of 2009:


Horrid, horrid, horrid doesn't begin to describe this piece of donkey manure. When it's not being anti-Semitic, the film pummels us with a useless plot about a completely unlikable lead while also not actually being about Woodstock itself. Ang Lee might say he was trying to be artful, but his real goal was punishing his audience for getting political about Brokeback Mountain and absolutely hating The Hulk. Congratulations sir, you've accomplished your revenge. The film also randomly goes into split-screen mode, for no reason other than just to do it. The trickery doesn't serve the story, but it does serve the purpose of killing braincells.


Ya' know what? I'm just going to go easy here and let a scene from Sin City describe how I felt after this atrocity against cinema:

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