'New Girl' gets auto-tuned: The love of Jess and Nick in computer-voiced song

You'd think, in a show starring an actress who also has a singing career, that "New Girl" wouldn't need the auto-tune treatment. You'd be wrong. The result of auto-tuning dialogue from the show is every bit as entertaining as it should be.Although the video features lines from all of the "New Girl" regulars, the focus is very much on the relationship between Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and Nick (Jake Johnson). The contributions from Schmidt, Winston and Cece only serve to highlight this.Probably the best exchange in the video comes from some amusing Nick/Jess juxtaposition. Right after Nick's "Why are you running away?" line, we see Jess' random marathon-finish bit as she says "I did it for Kenya!" Honestly, that almost makes sense in the bizarre context that is "New Girl."That said, Nick's "I'm a man, Jessica!" is a close second in all its auto-tuned glory.The great thing about this video is that it tells a fairly...



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