Mad Men Season 6 Review “The Flood” – Damn Dirty Apes

The assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr took center stage in "The Flood," this week’s episode of Mad Men, eliciting some surprising reactions in the characters we thought we knew so well. Was anyone else a little shocked to see Pete Campbell take the breaking news so hard? He even wanted to spend time with his wife and daughter in the aftermath, something Pete never showed any interest in before, not to mention butting heads with Harry who, apparently, has become the least-liked man in the office. But was Harry’s anger about losing advertising dollars to news coverage really a sign of racism or just that he’s a selfish man obsessed with the almighty dollar? We kind of already knew he’d become a full-fledged jerk after last week’s fiasco with Joan and Scarlett, and anyone who thinks Harry isn’t sleeping with his secretary should rewatch that episode, so it’s entirely possible this is just another nail in his coffin. READ MORE...


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