The Amazing Race Season 22 Review “Working Our Barrels Off”

At the end of this week’s The Amazing Race, Joey and Meghan said their goodbyes. I was sorry to see them go. They had moments where their immaturity and enthusiasm were grating, but in total, they were a positive and kind duo. They ran the race well, and it’s too bad they couldn’t keep going. The race got off to a bad start for Joey and Meghan when they unwittingly joined the roller derby moms on the later of two flights leaving Germany. They were so happy when they thought they’d pull ahead for once. I think when they arrived and saw that the other teams had already left in their new Ford Focuses that their spirits were crushed and they couldn’t recover. Joey and Meghan and the roller derby moms fell victim to the dreaded U-turn, thanks to the hockey guys and Max and Katie. I still don’t understand why the top teams keep doing this. They say that they wanted to keep the bottom two teams at the bottom to battle it out for last place. This is a bad strategy. So you have two really weak teams and you just rid yourself of one of them. How is that helpful? The goal should be to eliminate your toughest competition – the team standing between you and the million dollars. My hope is that since they underestimate the roller derby moms, those two will come from behind and surprise them all – kind of how the Beekman boys did at the end of last season. READ MORE...


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