Red Widow Season 1 Review “The Coke”

It’s such a shame that things have gone down the way they have with Red Widow. It’s been three weeks since our last new episode, and as I worried, the inopportune timing of the break has decimated its viewership. This is disappointing because the relationship between Schiller and Marta is captivating. With a little bit more time, the show could blossom, but it will probably not get that chance. This week, Marta took care of some serious business. While I was initially bummed to see Mike return, he played a useful role in revealing to Marta that Irwin was responsible for Evan’s death. Finally, Irwin got what was coming to him. Not only did Marta put a bullet through his hand, she disowned him. Mike also let Marta in on her son’s escalating criminal behavior. Gabriel has been a self-centered fool ever since his father died. Marta has largely left him unsupervised – or worse, supervised by Irwin or their father. When she confronted Gabriel about his role in Mike’s beating, I wanted to stand up and cheer. She didn’t yell or get angry. With a voice heavy with heartbreak, she told him that his behavior had made her feel ashamed in front of one of the last people in the world she should feel shame in front of – the man who kidnapped and tried to ransom her daughter. That clearly hit Gabriel like a roundhouse to the gut. READ MORE...


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