Revolution Season 1 Review “Home”

This week Revolution went ‘Home’. As part of their neverending game of cat and mouse, Monroe lured Miles into a trap by taking their entire hometown hostage. This included Emma, Miles’ ex-fiancee and Monroe’s ex-lover. Meanwhile, in the Plains Nation, Aaron found the wife he had left behind fifteen years ago. Dear reader, are the writers playing some sort of cliche bingo, seeing how many tropes they can hit in each episode? It was easy to see how the episode would end as soon as it started. Take Emma, for example; Miles already has Norah and Rachel, and Monroe, the bad guy, can’t be given something that makes him happy, so Emma’s death was telegraphed from the start. The only surprise here was that her son belonged to Monroe, not Miles, although that will probably come up for debate later on. Why did they even need to have a woman who had been with both guys, anyway? Why wasn’t the threat to their hometown enough to lure Miles out? Hell, at this point Monroe could just have asked Miles to meet him somewhere and the big ego would have done the rest. READ MORE...


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